National Parks

    These artworks re-envision America's National Parks by combining photography with collage and artificial intelligence to create surreal, dream-like impressions.

    How are these made? Peterson visits each park and photographs the landscape, terrain, and vegetation. He then creates a collage of those images and processes the new composition through a series of basic artificial intelligence (AI) commands intended to correct flawed images. Because the new collage no longer represents a traditional landscape photo, the AI is unable to "fix" the image and instead produces a distorted interpretation of how it *thinks* the image should appear—its own abstract impression of the landscape. Peterson repeats the process, suggesting different areas for the AI to work or by allowing the AI to choose the areas itself. The process becomes its own natural evolution—one of chance and "happy little accidents". The final result is a painterly quality of Wabi-Sabi—the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection.

    A portion of each artwork sold goes to to support the National Park Foundation.